The sun was shining in Casuarina, NSW where we hold our annual Cas Cup competition.

The 2-day event saw more than 500 participants in 44 teams, competing across 5 divisions.

Premier City Touch Football Competition Manager, Peter Shallcross said it was a fantastic weekend of touch football action.

“Cas Cup is always an incredibly exciting weekend, it really brings the touch football community together,” Shallcross said.

“This year, the competition weather was hotter than ever, but we made sure to keep an eye on the temperatures and added in safety measures such as half time and a misting station which the players definitely enjoyed,” he said.

A thoughtful tribute was carried-out in memory of Doris Elder-Read who made a great impact to the Premier Touch community. The Elder-Reid shield was presented to Dylan Bryant who was crowned Referee of the Tournament.

With the Women’s competition back in action last year, it was a high priority to keep this division running so that no one missed out on attending the event.

The Mixed Social competition was very popular this year, it was decided to split the 26 teams up into different divisions, based on where they sat on the ladder after day one. There were mixed finals for Spoon, Bowl, Plate and Cup with all winners of these games receiving medals.

“We thought this was the best way teams have the chance to play more games, have finals opportunities and something to play for.” Shallcross said.

In addition to the on-field action, there were plenty of off-field activities to keep everyone entertained. From the delicious food and drinks to the music and the ‘dash for cash’ was back for the first time since COVID. There was something for everyone to enjoy!

The competitions Wrapped up Saturday afternoon with presentations taking place for division Winners and Runners Up. The Cas Cup 2023 Winners and Runners Up are:


Mixed Bowl Winners                Dubaras Sand

Mixed Bowl Runners Up          Jager Bombers

Mixed Spoon Winners             Unsophisticated Badgers

Mixed Spoon Runners Up       D.R.I 30’s Mx

Mixed Plate Winners                Limtz

Mixed Plate Runners Up         Esketit

Mixed Cup Winners                 Runamuck

Mixed Cup Runners Up           Fusion

Women’s Winners                    Freshies

Women’s Runners Up`             VorD

Men’s Masters Winners           D.R.I 35’s

Men’s Masters Runners Up    Exploding Pigeons Masters

Men’s Social Winners              The Lightning Links

Men’s Social Runners Up        Freshies

Men’s Open Winners               Kickbacks

Men’s Open Runners Up         2 Fresh


Overall, the tournament was a huge success, and we hope everyone had as much fun as we did. Premier Touch can’t wait to see you all again next year for another thrilling Cas Cup.


Cas Cup photos can be viewed here






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CAS CUP Tournament

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