Women’s and men’s competitions coming to Fairfield this coming Summer season!

Premier Touch are excited to introduce their new Men’s Monday’s and Women’s Wednesday’s competitions which will be kicking off at Fairfield December 5th and 7th this year.

With 3 women’s teams currently playing in the West End competition, the demand to get a women’s competition up and running is higher than ever. Because of this and the mild interest in a men’s competition last season Premier Touch have added both a Men’s and Women’s competition to the usual Fairfield mixed competition. It is hoped that both men and women’s competitions can be established this season and grow over the coming seasons and years you to come.

O’Grady Park Fairfield is the perfect location to host these new competitions with 4 large fields there is lots of room to spare.

Summer Special – Get $100 off your second team when registering a mixed team and/or women’s or men’s team in the competition.


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