Introducing the Player Hub

Every season we have teams searching for individuals to join their team and individuals searching to join a team.

To help address this later in the season and allow the best possible results we have created a Facebook Group named the PCT player hub. The aim of this is to allow teams and individuals to come together and find each other without going through the office. Very similar to a dating app we must say, the player hub should allow players to find individuals or teams in the Premier/City Touch Football community.

If this is something, you would be interested in joining and we encourage most player to do so,  you can find it here

This is also a great opportunity for teams that need player to fill in on games nights, and we encourage team managers to reach out via this platform if this is the case. The less forfeits the better the season, so we hope that this platform can help make this possible.

Join the community today!


Click here to be apart of the PCT Player Hub Community!

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