Team Managers Responsibilities

Teams are to have a designated Team Manager whose responsibilities include: –


  • Checking for and receiving Notices; and advising Team members of relevant information in those Notices
  • Checking wet weather Notices one hour before each Game
  • Ensuring team fees are paid by the due dates and accepting liability for payment of Fees
  • Ensuring all team members entering the required details and complete the online process before playing their first Game
  • Ensuring all team members entering the required details and signing the Game Registration Card before taking the field before each Game
  • Ensuring all Team members abide by Laws of the Game, Regulations and Codes of Conduct
  • Checking the Draw on Game day for changes
  • Representing Team Members in communications with the Competition Manager.
  • Communicating concerns directly to the Competition Manager regarding Team satisfaction
  • Notifying forfeits before 3pm on game day




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