After consecutive years without a Women’s competition, Cas Cups’ competition organisers have decided enough is enough!

The highly anticipated Casuarina Cup is only a few months away with the competition kicking off in March 18th.

This year’s competition is set to be a doozy, catering to social, opens, Masters and a hopeful women’s division. In recent years Cas Cup has unfortunately omitted the women’s competition due to the lack of numbers, however, this year’s competition organisers are confident they will be able to turn this around in 2022.

“We’ve really enjoyed watching our Women’s competition at Newmarket grow over the years and we hope that we can see this same growth happen at Cas Cup this year” said PCT Competition Manager, Peter Shallcross.

To make this goal a reality the competition needs as many women’s teams as possible to register!

“We’ve been finding that lots of women’s teams haven’t been registering as they didn’t think we’d get enough for a competition” explained Mr Shallcross.

“Unfortunately, that’s going to mean we won’t get enough teams, so we are really pushing for any women, even slightly interested, to just jump online and register.” he continued.

Cas Cup has always been the highlight of the Premier and City Touch calendars since its launch some 17 years ago. The event is known for its idyllic location, great social atmosphere and overall high-quality competition.

All women aged 14 years and up are encouraged to register with registrations closing March 6th.

Register your women’s team today at




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