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The Referee 

Referee Levels

Referee Upgrades

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1.      THE REFEREE     

QSM & Our Referees


Queensland Sports Management is very fortunate to have many great referees, friends of the Sport who contribute enormously to our competitions and the game of Touch. QSM values these referees, their time, their efforts and respects their contribution. QSM believes that a referee performs his duties for personal health, professionalism, development and for personal reward.

Referees are the vitial link in delivering a great Touch competition.

The Role Of The Referee


Firstly and foremost – a Referee acts as an agent of the sport – remembering the best referee will ensure the highest level of player fun and team sportsmanship.

Secondly - a referee is a person to whom dispute is referred for a decision. More specifically in sport (including Touch Football) the appointed referee ensures that the conduct of the game adheres to the rules as set down by the governing body. The referee decides when those rules have been breached and administers an appropriate penalty to the offending team or player.


QSM referees are trained and allocated under the auspices of the QSM Panel.

Referees Responsibilities Includes:-

Arriving at the venue fifteen (15) minutes prior to their game

Assisting Venue Organisers to clean venues, set-up fields, put out and pick up witches hats

Instructing team captains to clean up area before departing fields

Providing a courtesy 24 hrs notice prior to the schedule games of unavailability

Participating in the referee development program and being available for assessment

Purchasing referee shirts and shorts (uniform) and wearing in every game

Mentoring Rookie referees and other referees throughout the season.

Checking players attire, confirming players have signed on at the registration desk

Checking the condition of the field (duty of care).

Referee – Code of Conduct

First and foremost, referees must treat other referees, players, officials, coaches, managers, spectators and the general public with the common courtesy and respect reserved to all people.

Referees must at all times act in accordance with the code of conduct set down by QSM Referee Panel. QSM and the panel's structure and decisions should be supported fully by referees individually.

No referee will be allowed to consume alcohol 5 hours before the commencement of the first game of a night/ tournament.

Referees will wear the full and correct uniform at all times. 

Referees and officials must be on time at all events and meetings scheduled by QSM, and must be at the field ready to commence the game at its scheduled starting time.

Referees shall provide competent refereeing with regard to the level of game being played, and shall maintain the necessary knowledge and skill to continue to do so. Referee’s will also provide and exhibit refereeing in a manner that is fair and reasonable.

Referees shall have the temperament to handle learning and improving refereeing skills, handle the pressure of tight games and deal with criticism. Referees shall have realistic goals to improve knowledge and on-field performances and strive to perform to the best of their ability at all times.

Referees shall be approachable for players, fellow referee, supporters and staff for mutually beneficial discussions.

Referees shall reach and maintain a level of fitness commensurate with the level and speed of games assigned.

Referee are reminded that the referee code of conduct still applies to the “player referee” whilst they are participating in any QSM competitions. 


2.      Referee Levels

The Levels


§         Rookie

§         Level One

§         Level Two

§         Level Three

§         Level Four

§         Level Five

Level Expectations


The following are the typical expectations of Referees abilities at each level


-          1 to 5 games experience

-          normally in-experienced referees and non-rated referees from other organisations

Level One

-          2 games plus experience, usually in their first season

-          ability to control a mixed b grade game

-          attended training course

-          experienced player-referees who do occasional games

Level Two

-          1 season plus experience with at least two season’s satisfactory performance at Level 1 and who have done at least two games per night

-          Referees from other organisations with one to two seasons experience

-          Ability to control mixed a grade, mens a grade game

-          Attended training course

-          Player-referees doing at least two games per night and assessed to this level

-          Exceptions to the above may be made for qualified referees from other organizations and exceptional performances by an individual with the approval of the panel

Level Three

-          2 seasons plus experience

-          Ability control fast a grade games

-          Coach and assist new referees

Level Four

-          3 seasons plus experience

-          Ability to control elite mens, mixed games

-          Ability to control tournament elite games

Level Five

-          Performing at personal best

3.      Referee Upgrades

The Rookie To Level 1

One assessment sheet from a referee team leader or district development manager between second and fifth week

If not upgraded by fifth week further monthly assessments should be undertaken

Level 2

Upgrading to Level 2 by two qualifying assessment sheets by a venue referee and one by an assessor approved by the referee panel (Level 3) and final approval by the panel

Should be able to referee A-grade games when required

Expected to assist and coach beginners and complete assessment sheets on trainees and Level 1 referees

Level 3

Must have at least 4 seasons experience at Level 2 or in exceptional cases they can be considered by the panel

Must be capable of refereeing solo A-grade games

Upgrading to this level with 3 qualifying assessment sheets

one by a panel approved assessor at their venue (A-Grade game)

one by a panel approved assessor at another venue (if possible)

one at a grand final or at a league event

Final approval will be by the referee panel

Must be prepared to buddy with trainee and lower level referees

Must have been actively involved in coaching/training days, general coaching of others levels and completion off assessment sheets for all levels

Level 4

Panel to advise

Level 5

Panel to advise


Mission Statement


The ‘Queensland Sports Management’s Referee Panel is a body aiming to improve Touch in the City Touch, Premier Touch, Nitro Elite, Totally Touch Gold Coast and Queensland Touch League (QTL) Competitions by developing, recruiting, and supporting their referees.

Expectations of Panel Members

·         Attend ‘monthly’ meetings and spend time prior in preparation

·         Attend any Judiciaries if necessary

·         Set an example to fellow referees by displaying proficient refereeing skills and showing discipline on the field and off the field

·         Conduct regular referee coaching clinics

·         Promote and encourage referee representative duties

·         Deliver referee services to special events

·         Coordinate referee administration for grading and special events

·         To invite all referees to attend meetings to ensure transparentness and openness – maintaining the open door principle

Development Objective

·         To provide encouragement to referees and initiate development ‘schemes’ to further improve refereeing skills and abilities

·         To select and appoint ‘qualified assessors’ to coach and assess referees.  These assessors should be willing to travel for assessments if necessary.

·         Accept responsibility for constructing a professional referee program and necessary infrastructure to support the projected competition growth

·         Encourage peer to peer referee coaching

Recruitment Objective

·         Responsible for coordinating regular (6 per season) QSM referee training clinics with the office staff support

·         Undertake external recruitment campaigns to attract existing and new referees


·         To process all related referee matters not including employment issues

·         To make recommendations regarding employee issues to the President

·         To make recommendations in writing effecting referee - finance, strategic and organisational matters to the President

Disciplinary Powers

·         To make recommendations effecting players, staff and competition to the Discipline Panel


4.  Referee AWARDS

Referee of the year

Must be level 3

Must have received the gold service award

Winning the presidents, venue administrators or charimans/presidents a plus

Cannot be a panel member, at the last meeting, all members sit down and discuss a winner.

 Rookie of the year [1 TO ANY number]

Must be his/her first season or refereeing

Numbers of games refereed a factor

Must get the go ahead from the VA for attitude


Must VA at least 2 nights a week

Number of fields/timeslots a factor

Number of complaints a factor

Attending ref training days a plus

 Presidents Award

Training Day attendance a positive

Minimum 3 games per week refereed (45 games for the season)

Will help out at other venues if they are short.

Will help out at a struggling venue when his or her venue is not on (rain,bye etc)

The VA must approve of the referees attitude

Bronze Service Bonus

Minimum 3 games per week (45 games for the season)

VA must approve the referees attitude and attendance

Silver Service Bonus

Minimum 5 games per week (75 games for the season)

VA must approve the referees attitude and attendance

Gold Service

Minimum 8 games per week (115 games for the season)

VA must approve the referees attitude and attendance

If the referee in question is the VA, then they will be assessed by the panel.





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