At Premier Touch we welcome your feedback.

Premier Touch is a very large group of competitions playing Touch across numerous nights, multiple venues and in various divisions/grades. Premier has a Competition Manager in the office to perform the daily administration and engages a crew each week of approximately 25 Venue Organisers, Referee Team Leaders, District Managers and around 300 Referees.

The office's primary function is to produce draws, maintain current information for Team Managers and support up to 4000 players every week.

Premier's mission is to continue to grow the number of teams, venues and increase the quality of service to its members so they can enjoy their sport with limited interrruptions.

If you feel we have not delivered an adequate service, or responded to your issues satisfactorily please email the Management Committee. Your feedback will be reviewed and a response provided within 72 hours.

Further, if you have suggestions for improvements, again we welcome these to be directed to the Management Committee.

When contacting the Committee, please include your name, phone number and describe the issue so a full assessment can be made. The communication is considered confidential.

Many thanks in advance for taking this time, Premier Touch.

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